Thursday, March 25, 2010

Earth Hour 2010 ..

Holaa ..
Jangan lupa Sabtu ini kita bersama-sama menyokong Earth Hour 2010 yang bertujuan untuk menyelamatkan bumi dengan menjimatkan tenaga elektrik. sama-samalah kita memadamkan suis elektrik di rumah kita selama sejam bermula dari pukul 8.30 malam - 9.30 malam.

Ala sejam aje bergelap. bukan lama mana pon sejam tu. sempat la masak nasi, goreng ikan kembong dan buat nescafe o pastu pasang lilin sebatang sebab nak bersantap le ngan laki kita ekekeke .. lepas makan tup tup dah dekat sejam, tak terasa pon bergelap kann??

Earth Hour 2010 ini masuk tahun kedua dilancarkan. tak silap stesen NTV7 turut menyokong kempen ini pada tahun lalu. SIME DARBY turut menyokong kempen ini dengan mengadakan pertandingan fotografi. amik gambau time bergelap tu tak kira la kat mana, dengan siapa or apa saja objek. pastu bleh menang hadiah dinner untuk dua orang. dinner ni pon dalam gelap kut? ekekekke ..

sila baca email yang hani paste ini jika ada yang masih confuse apa ke bendanya Earth Hour 2010.

"Dear Colleagues,

Climate change is a reality and it is affecting us all. Climate change is caused by, among others, burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. Power plants used to generate electricity are among the largest users of fossil fuels. If we can reduce the amount of energy we use at home and at work, we can make a significant difference in slowing-down the impact of climate change.

At 8.30pm on Saturday 27 March 2010, we have an opportunity to make a contribution to a global effort called 'Earth Hour'. We will join people from more than 4,000 cities worldwide by switching off all our non-essential lights for one hour. Last year, 4088 cities from 88 countries took part in this movement. This year, the WWF is again targeting the participation of 1 billion people worldwide - individuals, governments and corporations alike.

We would like to encourage the Sime Darby community to take part in this initiative by doing the following:

At 8.30pm (your local time) on Saturday 27 March 2010, turn off the lights at your home.

Take photos of your darkened house and your family participating in Earth Hour; or of you observing Earth Hour wherever you are - if possible, use a camera which can imprint the time and date.

Email the picture to '' by 2 April 2010, with your personal details (name, SAP ID, department/company, e-mail, and contact telephone number).

We will be creating a gallery in our portal to feature the most interesting pictures. The prize for the best entry from each country we operate in is dinner for two.

Do pass this information to your colleagues who may not receive this message.

Thank you."

Marilah kita menyokong kempen selamatkan bumi kita!

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